Plant Love

I was invited to St. George, Utah to shoot a new campaign for plant-based protein company, Sunwarrior. I follow a pescatarian diet, but incorporate many plant-based elements into it. I’ve used plant protein for more than seven years. From the minute I switched from whey, I saw the positive changes immediately: easier to digest, cleaner ingredients, alkaline forming, more energizing. Plant protein also promotes the same amount of muscle growth that using whey protein does, so seven years ago it was a no-brainer for me to make the change. That’s how my love affair with Sunwarrior began. From protein powder, to protein bars, to even digestive enzymes, this is a major player in the plant-based world that helps keep me protein levels in check. So you can imagine my excitement when I was asked to do a three-day shoot with my plant-based friends!


Each day my crew drove deep into the desert to find the most untouched & majestic backdrops for our shoots. Red rocks, sand dunes & steep mountains became my gym in 100-degree heat. On one of the days, we even hiked for an hour to reach a secluded river to capture shots in the water (where a rattlesnake tried to say hello, but I quickly kept hiking)! I’ve never felt more challenged and vulnerable than having to rely on the forces of nature to assist me in bringing this campaign to life. It’s experiences like these that affirm how small we truly are in comparison to our planet, and wow, how humbling is that?


My photographer, Ben wanted to capture the beauty of the sky during a full moon one night, which only happens a couple times a month. These photos weren’t part of the campaign, but instead a moment to take advantage of nature to create some pretty magical art. This sky is what it looked like thru the lens of his camera, and yes, those stars are real. Honestly speaking, there was an overwhelming force of emotion that came over me when I got back to my hotel room. It was then that I remembered how powerful nature can be.


I left St. George with a full heart, grateful for the new friends and memories made along the way. I am proud to be fully immersed in the vegan world and to work with brands like Sunwarrior that I share so many values with. Even though I am back in New York, I will forever keep the magic of St. George close to my heart.