24 Hours in Vegas 


Las Vegas. I didn’t quite know what to expect while looking out the window high above Sin City. I had never been before, but of course have heard the stories and watched the infamous film “The Hangover.” While I was excited to check out this mysterious and unknown city, I was certain that I would not be waking up in a room next to a tiger, but rather waking up after spending an unforgettable night watching the Jennifer Lopez show, “All I Have” at Planet Hollywood. For my 30th birthday, my incredibly thoughtful fiancé surprised me with a trip to see one of my favorite performers. 

We landed in Vegas and checked into the Cosmopolitan Hotel. I was blown away by the room - it was directly above The Fountains of Bellagio and we could watch the show throughout the entire night from our terrace. The room was modern and spacious and the bathroom is designed as an open-concept with views of the fountain. 

We then explored the strip and had a bite to eat in Paris (?). I was amazed at how over-the-top everything in Vegas was, oozing of luxury. Before the show we had cocktails at the Chandelier Bar in the Cosmopolitan Hotel and sat inside an oversized diamond-encrusted chandelier high above the casino. We then felt as though we transported to the Mediterranean while eating dinner at Milos, choosing the fresh fish from a market style set-up before the chef prepared the meal. Now we were officially ready to break it down with JLo. 

Jennifer Lopez was phenomenal! She sang the entire show live while breaking it down on the dance floor, all while looking completely composed and barely out of breathe. I won’t say too much about the show because if you plan on going to watch it, I don’t want to give the magic away, but trust me when I say that it is one of the best shows I have ever seen in my life. 

My friend from LA works with JLo and was kind enough to bring us backstage to meet her after the show. She was sweet and gracious (and again barely looked disheveled after singing and dancing for two hours) and meeting her added an extra special touch to the entire night. 

The next morning we played a few slot machines, but to be honest, I am not much of a gambler. Naturally, I lost and decided to quit as my 1-cent winning ticket just wasn’t cutting it for me.

24 hours in Vegas is something I will always remember. Until next time, LV.