Adventures with Buick


I just love escaping the city on weekends during the summer. I crave nature, and just an hour from Manhattan, you can find beaches, lakes, and mountains. My husband and I often go to to my family’s home on the Jersey Shore. For us, it brings total tranquility. I teamed up with Buick this holiday weekend to get away from the concrete jungle in the all-new Buick Envision.Safety is my number one priority. The roads and highways in and around Manhattan are fast-paced, crowded, and busy. Both rear-view mirrors have distance indicators to alert you when another car is nearby to your left or right. This came in handy when I wanted to quickly merge lanes and needed to make sure no cars were in my blind spots! The forward collision alert warns you if you’re getting too close to a stopped or slower car ahead. This is especially useful with the touch and go nature of bumper to bumper traffic on the highway.The Buick Envision has futuristic programming installed that will make any techie geek out. If you download their mobile app, you can start and stop your vehicle from inside your home, or when you’re approaching it for maximum convenience (like when you’re leaving the supermarket and want to start the air conditioning on a hot summer day). The app even lets you lock and unlock your doors, turn on your car’s lights, and honk the horn from afar. Their virtual command center is touchscreen and allows you to use navigation seamlessly, access a built in wi-fi hotspot, listen to your favorite songs from Apple Car Play, and even talk to Siri so your hands are always on the wheel.I'm so happy I tested the Buick Envision! It's truly one of the smoothest and most comfortable rides -- and I rent a lot of cars! While there are endless features that the Envision provides, it’s comfort, safety, space (guilty - I don’t always travel lightly), and up-to-date technology are important to me when deciding what car to rent. The beautiful design and high-tech touches make it a no-brainer for future adventures. Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and safe summer ahead!