Beat the Bulk


Chilly days don’t mean you have to compromise your style. Some days I’m simply fed up with wearing oversized jackets to shield off the cold. A thinner coat can be worn if properly layered for the weather. Cable knit sweaters, meant for staying warm, are great layering pieces and break up the standard button-down shirt and tie look. Cream is a color that looks clean, classy, and professional and creates a neutral palette that allows you to use what I like to call a "pop of pattern," like a scarf, as your accent piece.To instantly dress up your look, choose a scarf made from silk and throw on a pair of leather gloves. The blazer cut of this jacket pulls the entire look together and looks great worn both inside and outside. Instead of letting winter win, keep finding inventive ways to show off your style while eliminating some of the bulk from your wardrobe.