Clean Protein


Protein Bars. So many options, so many mysterious ingredients.

Flip over the back of the next protein bar you’re about to eat. Are you able to identify every single ingredient listed? Probably not,  because most of the ingredients listed sound more like a scientific table of elements.

That’s why I eat protein bars that are all-natural and vegan. Go Macro makes a peanut butter protein replenishment bar with 12 grams of protein that I eat every day as a mid-afternoon snack. It is an explosion of flavor and will keep you full throughout the day until your next meal. Their newest line of bars, Thrive, have also quickly become a favorite of mine. The chocolate, nuts and sea salt bar is both sweet and savory, containing plant based protein and a variety of super foods to keep you fueled throughout the day.

The products from Go Macro are easily digestible unlike many other bars that weigh heavily on your stomach. I always encourage my community to eat as clean as possible. If you are putting in the hard work at the gym, you also want to compliment the workouts with a healthy, clean diet to receive the full benefits of staying fit. I like to say that your body is your temple, don’t pollute it with foreign, processed ingredients.

You can browse the Go Macro Thrive bars here and the protein replenishment bars here. Cheers to clean eating!