Convertible Cruising


The weather in New York City has been beautiful lately, so it only felt right to put the top down and drive the all new 2017 Buick Cascada to the Jersey Shore. Who doesn't want to feel like the party has begun the second you get into a car for a weekend getaway? Thanks to this convertible, that mission was accomplished. It's been a fun summer of testing out different Buicks, and once again this brand did not disappoint.The design of the Cascada is stunning. With the click of one button, the soft top compactly folds into the trunk of the car in less than 17 seconds. The 20-inch aluminum wheels sparkle as they reflect the sunlight, adding to the sporty silhouette of the convertible. Perforated dark leather seats compliment the vibrant red color (other color options are, of course, available), and the interior lights up with red mood lighting. There are chrome details throughout the car, giving it a sleek and luxurious feel. To say this convertible is sexy is an understatement.I was impressed by all the technology features that this car is equipped with. Navigation, parking assistance, alerts when you are too close to other cars, a built-in 4G Wi-Fi hotspot, and hands-free calling were some of the modernized features that came in handy for the weekend drive. Most importantly I felt safe in this car because of the newer technology, which is something important to me when driving around the busy highways of the Tri-state area. The Cascada even has roll bars that automatically deploy in case the car flips! I wasn't surprised to find out that the car earned the 5-Star Overall Vehicle Score for Safety. Buick has completely reinvented itself; so much so, that it was hard for me to say goodbye to my Cascada when I returned it back in New York! It was the perfect car to use for a weekend getaway. Seeing the reaction of friends, relatives, and strangers was priceless. Buick’s campaign phrase, “that’s not a Buick,” was something they actually said to me a few times. They have re-emerged as a superb and relevant luxury car company. Every experience I've had with them has been memorable. I look forward to seeing what they do next!