East Hampton


 I've grown up going down to my family's beach house summer after summer at the Jersey Shore but today decided to check out the beaches in Manhattan's backyard: The Hamptons.  East Hampton was stunning. The beaches were miles long full of white powdered sand and the water was crystal clear. The town was full of unique and quaint shops and the restaurants were delicious! For breakfast we stumbled upon this mom and pop restaurant that served the best smoked salmon omelette I have had in my life (and home grown teas...#heaven). After a day soaking in the rays of the sun, we found a great seafood restaurant and maybe loved the coconut shrimp spring rolls so much that two orders were ordered. ? Walking to the second restaurant, we came face to face with a beautiful windmill in original condition from the 1800s. Every piece of the wind mill was hand carved and we climbed the three stories of the old tower to see the architecture of the top. It's amazing to see how people created these massive structures before technology even existed!East Hampton was beautiful and I definitely am looking forward to exploring more parts of it! Get in those beach weekends before the fall sneaks up on us!?