Easy Iron Shirts: H&M


It’s no secret I love finding great deals and while I may splurge on some items, I also try to find quality clothing at affordable price points when switching up my many different looks. H&M is a go-to store of mine so I was thrilled when they wanted to partner up to launch their new easy-iron collection.I am always on the hunt for tailored, soft button-downs. Many wovens feel starchy or itchy, so when shopping for these items, the material is important to consider. This slim-fit button down with a turn-down collar is a great going out option when you don’t need to wear a blazer because you can tuck this shirt in without having excessive amounts of fabric hanging out of the sides (which is one of the biggest struggles when wanting to only wear a button-down). I also grabbed a chunky two-toned grey scarf because you can never have enough oversized scarves to keep you warm all winter long. The two tones give a high-fashion vibe and add a pop to the solid color woven. H&M also has an new line of twill pants which are made of stretch cotton fabric and have a slim fit. I paired the burgundy top with a pair of black pants (instead of denim) to dress up the outfit. When you’re in a pinch and need a quick look for going out, check out H&M because you can always count on their ready to wear formal clothes. Shop the shirt here

Shop the pants here

Shop the scarf here