Elevate Your Exercise Gear 


This post was sponsored by Zappos. As an exercise fanatic, I am always on the hunt for comfortable workout gear that allows me to have the best training sessions possible. I teamed up with Zappos.com to try out the latest Brooks collection, and it does not disappoint! When it comes to gym shorts, I often find many on the market are too wide, long or baggy. I like to wear active clothes that not only feel good, but also look good. Who says you can’t be stylish when going to the gym? These Brooks Cascadia (7 inch) shorts have a more tailored fit and a built in liner for extra support during your workouts. The fabric is designed to keep you cool and comfortable and is even wind resistant, which is great for outdoor training days.I don’t like wearing t-shirts to the gym – they’re usually restricting. But what I like about the Brooks Fremont shirt is that it has underarm paneling that allows for more freedom of movement. You don’t feel like the shirt is clinging to your body when you’re running or lifting. In fact, you barely feel any fabric rubbing up against you at all. The fabric is also made of the same DriLayer® fabric used in the shorts. Like the shorts, the shirt is made to accentuate your build without constricting your body movement.When I saw these sneakers, I fell in love. The denim-like futuristic design of these athletic shoes is unique. I’ve truly never seen shoes like them. The sneakers are lightweight and flexible, perfect for running or any active workout. The sneakers stretch and adjust to your feet, which is good for assisting in proper alignment and form. They also aren’t clunky like other sneakers that can get in the way of the exercise. Sneakers should be supporting the work your body is doing and these do exactly that.This was my first experience shopping on Zappos.com and it was nothing but smooth. They’re pretty much guaranteed to have what you like – infinite brands with solid products. The site provides a quick and convenient shopping experience with reviews for each product – love it!