The first major snowfall has hit New York City! While my fiancé had planned a beautiful birthday celebration for me tonight to ring in my 30th (hold up, I have a few more days in my 20’s still..30 hits hard on January 28th…let’s not rush it ?) we postponed the celebration due to the weather and are now taking full advantage of this snowfall! Playing in the snow, cooking all day, catching up on our SAG screeners and cozying up by the fire are all on the agenda. By fire, I mean these candles from Woodwick Candles which literally are the best thing next to a real fireplace that you can have in a New York City apartment.  Woodwick candles have a natural wooden wick that create the sound of a crackling fire. While the majority of apartments in the city don’t have fireplaces, these make you feel as though you are relaxing next to one while giving off some of the most rich fragrances that completely fill your entire home. I always have a candle lit to create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere, and I believe your home should be a sanctuary where you can be completely zen. 

Currently my top three picks are Fireside, Evening Bonfire and Sea Salt Caramel! And just for my readers, take 25% off your order with code: IFTD2216 at! If you’re in a snowy town or city, enjoy your snow days!!