Go Clean


Here are a few of my favorite food items that get me through each day. I try to live the healthiest life I can, which boils down to eating clean. For over five years I have eliminated red meat, pork and turkey from my diet. I stay away from processed foods and sugary products (such as sodas, artificially sweetened drinks, high fructose corn syrup foods, etc). Instead I eat a diet loaded with fruits, veggies, lean protein (lots of chicken and seafood) and free of dairy (almond milk all the way!)? Each day post workout I have a protein shake made from in my opinion the best plant-based powder out there: Sun Warrior. It's all natural, vegan, and free of GMO's and artificial preservatives. I throw in bee pollen, which my best (yogi) friend got me hooked on. Bee pollen is the most natural form of a vitamin for your body. It contains almost every single nutrient required by humans and provides a natural energy booster and natural glow for your skin. Chia seeds are also packed with nutrients, antioxidants, and high in protein and can be thrown in your shake as well.

Oatmeal is a quick and healthy breakfast food to begin your day with. Throw in some fresh fruit (I happen to be obsessed with blueberries which are packed with antioxidants) to get even more nutrients into your system. I also am highly addicted to almond butter, but make sure to buy one with no salt to keep it more natural (especially if you consume as much almond butter as I do!) I throw almond butter on quinoa bread that I buy from Trader Joes and it is the perfect lunch or snack!

Lastly, green tea is a must every single day. I cut out coffee from my diet over the holidays and have a cup of matcha or green tea daily. Currently my favorite brand is Harney and Sons which makes a delicious green tea infused with coconut, ginger and vanilla.

Remember, the cleaner you eat, the better you will always feel! #you’vegotthis