How to dress a hoodie


Sometimes its one of those days where it is just necessary to grab your favorite hoodie from your closet. Especially on the weekend when you are doing your errands and you want to be comfortable. Choosing comfort doesn’t mean having to sacrifice your style. Check out my 5 Tips on...  HOW TO DRESS A HOODIE:

5. Choose a slim fitting hoodie. Too much fabric will cause material to bunch at the stomach, creating an unflattering silhouette around your waistline. 

4. Realize the importance of the actual hood. A two-toned hood adds an extra layer of fabric, giving the hoodie a more customized and fashion forward feel.

3. Leave the crazy patterns and graphic stylized writing off the hoodies. A solid color is cleaner and gives the illusion of wearing a more sweater-like top.

2. Pair your hoodie with dark denim. Black denim, like the ones in the above photo instantly make you look dressier. I also threw on my black combat boots and tucked my jeans into them, adding a touch of edginess to the look.

1. Accessorize. Throw on your reflective mirror sunglasses, add a bold watch and layer a scarf (with a pop of color) underneath your hoodie. Details bring out your individuality and can complete your entire look. 

I hope this gives you a new outlook on how to piece together an entire look around those hoodies sitting in your closet. Enjoy your weekends everyone! ??