Lakeside Retreat 


I’ve always believed everyone needs some nature in their lives. I have been drawn to the water since I was a little guy, spending summers down the shore and finding comfort in hearing the crashing of waves. It’s one of those rare moments that you stop and realize how small you really are in comparison to this gigantic planet we live on, and there is something truly mesmerizing about that. While I mainly grew up going down the shore to my family’s house out in New Jersey, I have later in life developed just as much of a love and appreciation for lakeside retreats. My Aunt and Uncle a few years ago bought a vacation house near Lake Joseph and it is one of the most relaxing, stunning, and zen places I have been. Living in New York City, it is essential that us New Yorkers find time to escape the non-stop hustle and constant grind of everyday life and work and retreat to an oasis where you can unplug, spend time with loved ones, and enjoy the simple things in life. Especially working in social media, I am constantly connected to the digital space for a variety of brands. When there is an opportunity to minimize that, I definitely take full advantage and swap out the cell phones for kayak paddles. Spending the weekend up at the lake house was beautiful. From kayaking from one side of Lake Joseph to the other, to walking through woods with gigantic trees that looked like they had been growing there for decades, to taking in live theater of a fantastic production of 42nd Street at the Forestburgh Playhouse, the company and memories made from this weekend were invaluable. I always believe in finding a balance in life. I love the fast paced nature of living in one of the world’s most alive cities, but I also appreciate and tremendously value bringing it back to basics and enjoying the beautiful elements of our planet (Sidenote: Captain Planet was one of my favorite shows growing up…and I may or may not have been having flashbacks of some of those epic superhero scenes) ?