Love for NOLA


I finally visited a place I have been dying to check out for years: the beautiful New Orleans. One of my best friends Keri is getting married to an incredibly special person, and we took this weekend to celebrate her before the big day this fall. 

The energy of NOLA is electric. Friday night we  started the evening at a traditional southern restaurant, which had their own home-made cucumber infused was absolutely delicious! We bounced around town to some great bars with some of the most insanely talented bands and singers I have ever seen in my life. We danced the night away and walked around the famous Bourbon Street enjoying live music all around us. It was really cool to see so many true artists pouring their hearts and souls out into their music - I was in awe of the talent surrounding us!  


 Saturday we started the day by the hotel pool to soak in some NOLA heat and then checked out an incredible aquarium where we saw sharks, stingrays, sea horses, and penguins! After a delicious dinner, we embarked on a ghost tour all around the city. As someone who loves scary things, this was right up my ally. Sadly, there were no ghost sightings but we learned all about the haunted city and saw where many supernatural sightings took place! Late night we tried the cities famous beignets at CAFE DU MONDE and they were dangerously delicious!  


Today we started with a great brunch accompanied by live jazz and roamed around the town before heading back to NYC.  


The people of NOLA were friendly and warm and the city was just as magical as I have imagined it to be. I definitely cannot wait to go back, and next time I'm totally finding a ghost ?