Maui Jim: A Taste of Hawaii


It’s no secret that I have a deep connection to Hawaii; so much so that I travel to Maui and Kauai every winter. If I can’t be in Hawaii everyday (one can dream), then I at least want to feel as close to the islands as possible. That’s one of the many reasons why I love the sunglass brand, Maui Jim. The company started in Maui’s Lahaina area with the mission to create lenses that prevent harmful UV rays from hitting your eyes while also capturing the vibrant colors of Hawaii. They believe that it’s not about where you are; its about the magic that happens when you slip on a pair of Maui Jim’s and experience that the view is truly better behind their lenses - and they live up to their mission. With more than 125 styles of polarized glasses that protect against UVB and UVA rays, there is something for everyone to choose from with this fashion-forward brand.I was immediately drawn to the colorful Wakea model. The frame is frosted crystal, a nice twist to the traditional metal frames many glasses have. They capture the care-free, fun, and beachy vibe of summer. I can’t resist a blue mirror lens, and the color this style provides is a bright sky blue. Its vibrant color really pops against the white frames. The glass for the lenses is made with super thin technology — 20% thinner and lighter than most brands for maximum comfort. The best part? The lenses are HD and glare-free (thanks to their PolarizedPlus2® lens technology) and are designed to enhance color and depth perception, so you can look great while being good to your eyes.Mirrored sunglasses were invented way back in the 1940s, but over the past few years, they’ve become exceedingly popular with men and women, especially colored redesigns. For all my guys out there: don’t be afraid to add a pop of color into your eyewear. Even if you don't want to put a lot of thought into your outfit, throw on bright mirrored sunglasses and you look like you are straight out of GQ. They go with every pattern, fabric and color so you can get a lot of usage out of these types of lenses.I am very impressed by the strength of the glasses. Although I don’t want to admit it, I’m sort of accident-prone, so I appreciate a pair of sunglasses that doesn’t feel like it is going to snap when I'm holding them. They're sturdy and don’t stretch after wearing them for a few days. And believe me, that’s an issue far too common with sunglasses. They also fit securely on my face and don’t slide down my nose when wearing them in the steamy heat all day long. It’s a testament to how they are made.Don’t be afraid to go outside of your black, brown, metal, and tortoise comfort zones. While they definitely serve an important purpose in your wardrobe, everyone should switch up their look with a statement pair of shades. I know that I will be wearing these all season long. Feeling that much closer to one of my favorite places on Earth, while wearing these bad boys, is a pretty sweet deal. Mahalo!

*This post was sponsored by Maui Jim.