Wearing one color is a surprisingly easy way to make a statement. Monochromatic dressing is creating an overall tonal look by wearing similar shades of a single color. You might be thinking that you have no idea where to begin when it comes to exploring this style, but the easiest way to start is by throwing the same colors of different articles of clothing onto your bed (pants, sweaters, cardigans, tee’s, etc). To successfully pull off this look, you want to find different textures of clothing to pair together. This will give your outfit a modern feel and add a layer of depth - important so that your outfit doesn’t feel dull.For example, I paired a woven stitched Varsity Jacket with a speckled Henley to add contrast to the hues of blue. You’ll notice that my jacket has a pop of light grey, a strategic decision in pulling together this look. I advise that when dressing monochromatic, always incorporate a pop of a lighter or darker color (the opposite to the shade you built your outfit around) to add a sliver of dimension. Some people choose to do this through accessorizing, but if you aren’t a big accessory person, this is a simple way to achieve the same style. When people think of dressing from head to toe in one color, often black comes to mind. It’s easy to throw on black slacks or denim, a tee, a leather bomber or sweater and black boots. But I challenge you to try this style out with other colors, colors that compliment your skin tone and accentuate all of the features you love.Welcome to the world of monochromatic dressing!