Montblanc Legend


Fragrance. Unlike clothing, you can’t see it on someone. You can’t feel it on someone. But the scent someone gives off is something that makes an even stronger impression on you. I don’t know about you, but when I think about certain people in my life, I can’t necessarily recall the exact pieces of clothing they were wearing when we were together. While I may think someone is always dressed to perfection or looks runway-ready, I more so remember the lasting impression of their scent.

Have you tried Montblanc’s Legend? This masculine, bold fragrance offers a rich scent that instantly draws people in. What I love about this fragrance is that unlike many other colognes I have tested over the years, this isn’t excessively strong, burning your nostrils, but rather gives off the right amount of potency to give off a little mystery, making people want to smell it even more. I would best describe the smell of Montblanc Legend as cozy, rustic and oaky with a touch of spice. This cologne is one of my picks this holiday season. I think you’ll agree, this scent will never go out of style.

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