Oxygen Blast


Being someone who sometimes struggles to get enough sleep during the week, I am constantly keeping my eyes opened for products that help me feel energized and refreshed. A recent discovery of mine is the Oxygen Facial Flash Recovery Mask by Dr. Brandt. After the first use, my skin instantly appeared smoother and brighter.Let me start by saying that the application process of this mask is fascinating. First, apply a thin layer of the mask to your damp skin and leave on for three to five minutes to allow the oxygen spheres to fully activate. During the activation, your skin will tingle as the mask bubbles and then almost fully dissolves. You will see and feel the treatment working with this mask instantly and once you rinse your face off, the top layer of your skin will be radiant. Tired skin is now re-energized, your face is deeply hydrated giving you a well rested and younger appearance, and the oxygen helps protect your skin from pollutants on a go-forward basis. You can purchase the mask over on Dr. Brandt’s website here to treat yourself to the at-home pampering you so deserve!