It’s Pride Weekend in New York City. There are parties, parades and people coming together from all over the world to celebrate their personal pride. It’s a weekend about honoring and reflecting on where we were when the gay rights movement began, and how far we have come today. Pride to me is being confidant in every aspect of who you are. It wasn’t always easy for me to get here, but as a thirty-year old man, I can confidently say I am proud to be gay. But I am not just proud to be gay -- I am also proud to be a brother, a son, a husband, an entertainer, a businessman and an entrepreneur. I am proud to be a listener, a trustworthy friend -- an advocate for love and acceptance. Being gay is a piece of what makes up my identity, but there are many other things I also am, and to me, pride is being completely proud of the human being I have become. And while some may think of being gay as being something to not be proud of, I believe that it is a beautiful piece of a multi-layered puzzle that makes up Me.

When you hear someone say your name, hear it with pride. Be someone you are proud to be and don’t ever let anyone tell you that a piece of your personal puzzle isn’t the right fit – it may not be for them and they may not understand why it fits, but it sure as hell makes sense to you. May that pride always show.