Protect Your Skin


Your skin needs protection every single day. Even on overcast days, UV light penetrates clouds leaving your skin exposed to harmful rays. I admit, I have not always been the best with applying sunscreen every day, but starting today, I'll never miss a morning of applying sunscreen again. Drunk Elephant is a brand that I just discovered, and I cannot get enough of their products. Their science reviews are off the charts. What I love about their sunscreen is that it doesn’t leave your face feeling oily and greasy like so many others do. A big reason why I wasn’t applying sunscreen daily was because I hated that feeling. This product is moisturizing instead of greasy.

The sunscreen is unscented, non-toxic and infused with ingredients like Sunflower Shoot Extract, Marula Oil and Raspberry Seed Oil. It also contains an ingredient called Umbra which is loaded with antioxidants and prevents oxidative cell damage and photoaging (damage done to the skin over a person’s lifetime exposed to UV radiation). I also love that this product is fragrance-free and doesn’t contain perfumes or fragrant oils that irritate skin.

You can check out the sunscreen here and I hope you make the vow with me to never skip a day of application again!