Short Sleeve Button-Downs


Should you or shouldn't you? That is a question many people contemplate when looking at a short sleeved button-down before purchasing. But I am here to break the stigma and offer some helpful advice: short sleeve button downs are a fantastic summer staple that should be in your wardrobe. They keep you cool in the heat of summer and are usually appropriate enough for you to wear to your offices. But be cautious - there is a catch. If not worn properly, the clean, put-together look you are trying to achieve can in actuality leave you looking disheveled. Below are some helpful tips to set you up for success when shopping for this summer piece.For some reason, these types of shirts often run big. The sleeves and mid-section are too wide and the length is too long. You will need to try out a few different brands to see which ones gives you a more fitted style  - especially if you plan on wearing them to work because you should tuck the shirt in for a more professional appearance. Sometimes you may need to go down a size to achieve that tailored look (just don’t put the shirt in the dryer). The fit is so important because when a short sleeve button down doesn't properly fit, it often leaves you looking messy, too casual and does very little to flatter your body. Here’s two general rules - when on, you shouldn't be able to fit two fingers in the sleeve of your shirt, and when you tuck it in, there shouldn't be an overwhelming amount of fabric hanging out from your hips.The pattern can make or break this type of shirt. For the corporate setting, opt for solids or shirts with a faint pattern (like small dots) to look professional. If you are wearing this shirt in a more casual and social setting, have some fun! Whether its small palm trees, lemons, turtles (or whatever speaks to you), a fun seasonal pattern will leave you as one of the conversation pieces throughout the night! A word of advice - if you’re going for plaid, choose a large plaid pattern, not small (which are what many of the short sleeve shirts on the market are). For some reason when wearing short sleeve button downs in a small plaid fabric, it resembles a picnic-table pattern and looks outdated. But do experiment with patterns and watch how something like a silly pink flamingo print can make people smile around you.When it comes to colors, the sky is the limit.  I make sure to have a bunch of brights in these shirts to capture the summer feel in my outfits. Bring out the vibrant greens, blues and pinks and don’t be afraid to sprinkle them in your weekly looks! One last tip - sometimes because these shirts are so light (and bright colors show every crease in the fabric), they tend to wrinkle after washing so make sure you iron them to achieve the cleanest look possible!Penguin and Bonobos are two of my go-to’s this summer for short sleeve button downs because they are everything I look for when shopping for these. Update your wardrobe with this seasonal summer piece and you will be looking ready to take on the rest of the season in comfort and effortless style. ☀️