Spotlight on: Jord Watches


Go raw … on your wrist. Jord Watches is a company that creates artistic, one-of-a-kind pieces made from natural raw materials found all over the world. While the shells of their watches are made from a variety of different woods (zebrawood, dark sandalwood, bamboo, rosewood, and ebony and maple), the faces are intricately designed with high fashion elements. Wooden watches brings something different to the go-to golds, silvers, leathers and chromes by providing a rustic, masculine and eco-friendly element to your collection. What’s special about this brand is that each watch is an artistic masterpiece and the characteristics differ depending on the artist creating it and the natural sources used to make it.The watch I’m wearing is made with two different types of wood: zebrawood and dark sandalwood. It's lightweight, which I love, because it doesn’t weigh down your wrist or irritate the skin underneath. I love to throw this on as a statement piece. Living in a concrete jungle, I'm all for wearing a little bit of nature!

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