Staycation: Four Seasons Downtown


Sometimes living in the hustle and bustle of Manhattan leaves you craving an escape, but with a busy schedule, it doesn’t always work out. That’s why I very much love the idea of a staycation. This past weekend we packed our bags and checked into the new Four Seasons Downtown.A warm and friendly staff greeted us in the lobby and brought us up to a breathtaking suite overlooking Downtown Manhattan. The Four Seasons is known for going the extra mile to make you feel completely welcome. A beautiful spread of vegetables, home-made hummus, and freshly pressed juices from Chef Acosta were in the room waiting for our arrival. We enjoyed our healthy snack as we settled in before heading to Jersey Boys on Broadway to celebrate my husband’s birthday.The next morning we had a delicious breakfast in bed – fresh avocado toast, smoked salmon omelets, home-made kombucha, matcha tea and roasted potatoes with diced peppers. After putting the finishing touches on our Halloween costumes for the night’s festivities, we squeezed in a late-morning workout. The gym overlooks the newly constructed Oculus – the World Trade Center’s transportation hub – built as a dazzling white architectural structure. As a health fanatic, it’s hard for me to find a gym that I am impressed by when travelling, but this facility had all of the necessary equipment (and more) for an intense workout. After breaking a sweat, it was time to visit the spa - I did not want the 80-minute deep tissue massage to ever end! It was an hour and a half of complete zen, something so necessary in resetting your mind and body from everyday life.Saturday was the big night in New York to celebrate Halloween, so we invited a few friends over to celebrate my husband’s birthday before heading out (in costume) for the evening. I was King Triton from the little mermaid and Gio was Hades from Hercules – a good vs. evil theme (and sidenote, we proudly made parts of our costumes)! All of our friends who stopped by couldn’t believe how beautiful the hotel was - not to mention that it had just opened three weeks earlier and it was operating as if it had been opened for years.This was the second time I stayed at a Four Seasons (the first being on our honeymoon in Bali) and I am blown away by how consistent this hotel line is. The staff and service are always impeccable, the food is deliciously award-worthy, the room accommodations are nothing short of spectacular, and the experience is always special. I look forward to exploring other locations throughout the world and having The Four Seasons play an important role in our everlasting memories throughout the beautiful journey we called Life.