Summer Skincare


This post was sponsored by Cremo. I am a huge believer in taking care of your skin! I love a good eye cream to nourish your under eyes – battling any lines or dark circles. Using an eye cream helps you feel refreshed and awakened - I don’t go one day without applying it! I also use a system that incorporates a deep cleaning face wash, a toner for your skin, and a moisturizer with antioxidants. Moisturizing is HUGE and should not be left behind! Use a moisturizer with SPF so that you’re protecting your skin from the sun. That’s the biggest defense against signs of aging. I’ve learned that even on cloudy days, we’re exposed to harmful rays.I used to be someone who only wore SPF at the beach or pool, not on a daily basis. But then I realized that it’s more important to protect your skin than burn or harm it. If your skin is exposed to sun at any point of the day, it should be protected - period. Skin cancer is very real and far too many people are getting it, so why not take the simple step of protecting it with an SPF? Trust me, you will still get color, but you will be protected while getting it. The truth is, if you don’t use SPF, you will be more inclined to develop wrinkles, sunspots, dry skin, and other skin related issues. Now, I am incredibly aware of the sun. If I’m outside, I definitely have sunscreen on and I severely limit the amount of time I spend tanning. I sometimes even sit under an umbrella or cabana to break up the day! There are products out there that can give you a nice sunless glow (yes guys, it’s ok to research these and use them - they won’t take away your manhood). Trust me, you’ll be thanking yourself later in life by protecting your skin today. Some summer recommendations? The SPF face lotion from Cremo is light, fragrance-free and uses natural ingredients – three major things I look for in any skincare product! It is also important to find shaving products that keep you feeling refreshed and don’t cause irritation. The cooling menthol shaving cream from Cremo feels amazing on the skin! It has tea tree oil, which is a phenomenal ingredient with endless benefits for your skin. It smells like peppermint, which is really nice! The cream goes on smooth and glides off even smoother. The face wash is soap-free and PH-neutral, which means it is neither too acidic nor too alkaline – something most people don’t even realize is so important. It leaves your face feeling moisturized, while the essential oils make your skin feel calm and refreshed! It’s important to use products that don’t have a lot of added unnatural ingredients.

Always be good to your skin!