Sweater Weather 


One of my wardrobe essentials for the fall is the v-neck sweater. A fitted v-neck sweater naturally frames both your collar area and face, accentuating and nicely shaping your upper body. You can choose to dress it up by throwing a button-down underneath, or wear the sweater alone creating a more casual option, perfect for a day-to-night transition. The dark maroon color of the shirt gives a cozy, seasonal feel and the brown boots add to the rustic look of the outfit. The sweater is a cotton/cashmere blend which feels smooth against the body, an important factor when buying a fitted sweater. My more bulky sweaters that I bring out in the colder winter months are wool based because the fabric isn’t hugging the body as tightly, thus not leaving your skin feeling itchy and uncomfortable. Stick to cashmere, cotton or a blend for your fitted sweaters so that you can look sharp while also looking comfortable.??