Swimwear Season


The swimwear season is quickly approaching and, while it's easy to fall into the pattern of wearing the same bathing suits year after year, I challenge you to upgrade them. Below are my four tips for choosing the right swimwear that will keep you looking current, trendy and well-styled for all of your warm weather escapes:1. Above The Knee Is In It is time to look at swimwear in a completely different way. Toss aside your below the knee bathing suits and choose trunks that rests slightly above the knees, or even a little shorter if you’re feeling more adventurous. Long swimsuits often look sloppy, doing nothing to accentuate your silhouette and can often make you appear wider than you actually are. A shorter, fitted swimsuit gives you a cleaner look and will elevate your swimsuit game.2. Highlighter Colors Are Your Friend

Nothing accentuates a nice golden tan like a pop of color. You should wear highlighter colors all spring and summer (or any season in a tropical location). There's no better opportunity to do this than with your swimwear. Compliment the environment you are in (the ocean, the sand, the palm trees, etc) with swimsuits that add to the picturesque nature surrounding you.

3. Play With Patterns

Most of the shorts you wear are likely solid colors, so have some fun and play with patterns on your swimwear. Retro/vintage patterns are in! Thick stripes, floral and geometric shapes and textured prints will wow people all season long. Remember that when you are wearing swimwear, you aren’t wearing much clothing, so it's a good idea to make a statement with the little fabric you have on.4. Real Men Wear White

Don’t be afraid of wearing all white. Once you have a slight golden tan, an all white swimsuit looks striking. It’s a look that not many people pull off, so it's quite impressive when you’re coming out of the ocean wearing a clean, crisp white bathing suit. Just make sure to keep this type of swimsuit simple (a slight texture looks sharp), and maybe pair this with a mirror lens pair of sunglasses. *All swimswear was provided by Mr. Turk. Shop their collection here