Eyes Up

*This post was sponsored by Zenni.

Two years ago, I started getting pounding headaches every week. I had no idea what was causing them until I went to the eye doctor for an exam. I found out that while my vision is healthy, my eyes often have trouble focusing which causes constant strain throughout the day. It was time to get my first prescription which, to be honest, wasn’t something I was super excited about. Then I started looking at all the different types of glasses, and my annoyance for needing them turned into excitement because I realized that this opens up a whole new world of stylish possibilities!


I like to switch up the style of my glasses depending on what I am wearing, but I don’t like to spend a ton of money on them. I am known to misplace my glasses, sit on them, stretch them, or somehow break them, so it’s important for me to find companies that create stylish glasses at an affordable price. You know I don’t work with companies I don’t support. That’s why I’m psyched about Zenni. It provides high-quality prescription glasses (and sunglasses) for both men and women. They have one of the largest selections online of glasses that I have ever seen, with hundreds of styles to choose from. You can even upload your photo and virtually try on glasses to see how well they fit your face!


I was shocked to see the price points. The glasses range anywhere between $10 to $45 with the option to add on special features. I chose a circular tortoise shell frame and added on the UV blue blockers which prevents eye strain when you’re looking at your computer and phone screens all day. I also added the anti-reflection coating, along with the oil and fingerprint resistant coatings. For free, the glasses came with an anti-scratch coating and UV protection. It’s so cool that when you check out online, you have several different options like these to add to your glasses. Even with all of these features, the glasses were still less than $50, and when I received them, I was so impressed with the quality. They’ve quickly become my go-to pair.


My days are busy from the minute I wake up to the minute I fall asleep, so I truly value companies like Zenni that let you shop from the comfort of your couch. I’ve gotten so many compliments on these glasses, and I feel confident wearing them because the quality is great. I also love that because the price point is so affordable, I can stock up and have different pairs to go with different looks. Anything that justifies more shopping when it comes to creating more stylish looks, I am more than okay with. 😉

The Chelsea Boot

*This post was sponsored by Zappos

Never underestimate the power of footwear, especially great boots. I just can’t live without them. Here’s why: Strong statement shoes add the finishing touch to your outfit, and trust me, that doesn’t go unnoticed. Boots add an elevated and seasonal feel to your outfit that, when done right, can pull your entire look together. They’re so multi-functional that you can wear them with denim, chinos or even full suits. You can tuck the pants in for a more rugged look or keep the pants over the boots for a dressier feel. Depending on the vibe of the outfit, there are so many ways to play with styling boots during the fall and winter months. You can get so many looks out of them!


I've been wearing Steve Madden boots for years. Their lace-up combat boots (in both black and brown) are staples in my wardrobe because they are comfortable and versatile enough to wear with everything. Now I have a new Steve Madden style to add to my collection: the Chelsea boot. I ordered the boots from Zappos, which is always such an easy experience. Shipping is free and fast. Plus, if you are as indecisive as me, they have a 365-day return policy, which takes the pressure off of having to make decisions too quickly. The Chelsea boot is one of my favorite styles because it’s both casual and formal. They don’t have laces, and the sides are elastic, creating a sleek and modern silhouette. That’s why they pair perfectly with a slim style of pants. Remember: the fit matters. They shouldn’t be loose.


When it comes to shoe brands that deliver solid quality at an affordable price point, Steve Madden is one I often refer to my fellas. They have a variety of fashion-forward fall styles that you can filter through on Zappos, based on your own personal style. They come in a variety of different fabrics (leathers, suedes, etc.), textures, and colors. Most importantly, they feel so comfortable when I'm running through New York City every day. I rarely sacrifice comfort for style, so it’s refreshing to see that a brand I've been wearing for years doesn’t change the impressive quality of their footwear. Take advantage of the cozy seasons and get those boots ready for months of styling!


Easing Into Fall

The weather is playing tricks on us, again! One day you’re mad that you aren’t wearing enough layers, while the next day you’re trying to peel the skin off your body because it’s randomly and overwhelmingly hot. Until we are a few weeks into autumn, figuring out what to wear each day is a mission. Here are my four tips to starting off the fall season with style and comfort in mind, so that you’re ready to tackle whatever Mother Nature throws your way.


1. Fabric Matters

You can never go wrong wearing a sport jacket. If you’re not required to wear a suit for work, make sure to stock up on a few sport jackets that are made of a lighter fabric. Keep the wool away until the temperatures really drop. I like to use a sport coat also as a jacket when there are warm days and cool nights because it is one less piece of clothing to worry about during temperamental weather. It’s as I like to call it, a two-for-one piece. I am very into pairing sport coats with silk v-neck tees and Henley’s for a more casual look. And while  people like to say not to wear white past Labor Day, I think certain “rules” need to be updated. White pops against fall oranges, reds and yellows so I love to make a statement throughout early fall with white pants. You still can get away with wearing shoes with no-show socks to achieve the sock-less look for a few more weeks, so don’t be afraid to play with that look.


2. Use Those Shoulders

In New York, we are still getting near 90-degree weather so certain days still require shorts and a tee-shirt. But this doesn’t mean you can’t put a fall spin on this look. Choose an autumnal toned tee and pair it with a flat-front short for an elevated version of a simple outfit (and leave the cargo shorts behind - they’re a bit too casual for most occasions). Then choose a versatile light sweater or henley to wrap around your shoulders. This instantly creates a cozy feel to your look and also serves as an extra layer throughout the day-to-night transition.


3. Keep Out Your Short-Sleeve Button Downs

This summer I have been obsessed with short sleeve button downs and have written about the proper ways to sport these. These shirts don’t have to go away for the season just because fall is here. For meetings I often wear a collared shirt, but it can sometimes be too warm for a heavy long sleeve version. To prevent feeling overheated, I still wear my short sleeve button downs while running around New York City and just throw a light jacket over them when the temperatures drop around sunset. Cuff the bottoms of your pants and pair an Oxford dress shoe with your look for a fresh feel. I like to play with patterns and fabrics so I often gravitate towards multi-toned footwear.


4. Bring Back the Flannel

Yes, it is entirely too soon to wrap yourself in your favorite cozy flannel, but it isn’t too soon to use it as a layering piece. The weekends are always spontaneous and I’m either running around the city or going on an outdoor adventure. I like to be comfortable, but still look put together. To achieve this, pair your favorite tank with a pair of flat front shorts (as you can see, white shorts/pants are not going anywhere just yet) and wrap a flannel around your waist. This gives you an effortless look while also providing you with something comfortable to throw on if the temperatures drop at night. And if they don’t? Then you are still giving a cool 90’s throwback vibe and everything feels right about that.