The Piece That Keeps On Giving


Every man should own at least one cardigan. They can make an outfit look new, simply by throwing it over any woven, flannel or v-neck in your wardrobe. Cardigans are practical items to own because they are pieces that can be worn three out of four seasons: fall, winter and spring. Whether you are going for a more professional look, pairing it with a crisp button-down, tie and slacks for a corporate-feel, or a more casual look, throwing it over a flannel or tee, this piece can be used to achieve any style.This is one item where the fit makes a drastic difference. If you buy a cardigan too large, it can make you appear heavier than you are, creating excess fabric around your waistline. If you buy a cardigan that is too tight, you can appear like your circulation is being cut off and the layers underneath your sweater will wrinkle. I aways say there is a fine line between fitted and too small, and you want to be sure to remain in the fitted category.It may take some time to find that perfect fit - for me, I have found that brands like J-Crew and Zara fit really well. Take your time, find a brand you love and stick with it because in my experience, 50% of the brands that make cardigans make them in saggy and oversized fits. I would also recommend stocking up in a few different types of fabric. Heavier fabrics like wool are better for colder months (just make sure the wool is a blend or it may itch so wear long sleeves under those styles), while cotton blends are better equipped for warmer months.Tips for wearing cardigans: - Wear it completely opened with your layering shirt slightly longer than the cardigan 

- If you want to button, button the middle buttons only (never the top or bottom ones because it distorts the shape and your figure) 

- Make sure the sleeves fit your arms and built-up extra fabric isn’t bunching up

- Find styles you love (for example, shawl collars add an elevated fashion element to this piece while slim collars are more simplistic)

- Don’t be afraid to accessorize with a pair of statement sunglasses and your favorite watch