The Power Of the Black Tee


We all have days when we open our closets, stare blankly at the clothing sitting on the shelves, and frustratingly admit that we have no idea what to wear! On days like this, never underestimate the power of a black tee.The black tee shirt is sexy, cool and trendy without making your outfit too complex. When pairing this item with the right counterparts, you can even achieve a sophisticated look. But not just any old black tee shirt will create a striking outfit. You must choose one that is properly fitted and one that creates a silhouette to compliment your body. Ditch the crew neck for a v-neck to add an extra element of elevation to the tee. It may sound silly, but a detail as small as the shape of the neck makes a big difference in setting the tone of your look. When it comes to fabric, stay away from 100% cotton shirts and opt for a blended or silk material – this will make the tee shirt appear dressier.The other pieces you pair with a black tee are equally as important. Always opt for (non-destroyed) dark denim over light because lighter shades of jeans can make you look too casual. Darker denim will bring a dressier feel to your entire look while helping you maintain an effortlessly cool vibe. A pair of lace-up, destructed boots (instead of sneakers) will transition your outfit from day to night. A bold watch and mirror lens sunglasses will provide pops of color against the black tee canvas.If you need a layering piece to fight off a chill in the air, a lightweight quilted blazer jacket is the perfect finishing touch to your ensemble. I recommend finding one that has sharp details such as a zipper pocket, texturized collar, and a defined pattern to add dimension to your tee shirt. You want the jacket to stay in the same color scheme to maintain that elevated feel (aside from your accessories which are the only pop) so choose a jacket that is in the grey, black, or deep navy family.This is one of my favorite looks to run around in on the weekend or to wear for drinks with friends. The simplicity of the outfit mixed properly with the right pieces will always leave people thinking how well put together your style is. The beauty of it all? It took you no more than two minutes to think about!

StyleTommy DiDario