The truth about wovens 


  The last thing you want to be wearing during the summer is an itchy, heavy, stale woven. Furthermore, you don’t always want to tuck in your woven but sometimes you feel forced to because the length of the fabric is too long to leave untucked. That’s why I am in love with this button-down shirt from Frank Stella. The material is cotton so it keeps you cool throughout the steamy summer days. The shirt hits at just the right part of your body, falling a few inches below your waist so that you can still look neat while pulling off a more relaxed look. A lot of people don’t realize that many wovens have a squared bottom, which in my opinion is a disaster. I try to avoid those types of shapes whenever I can because they rarely flatter your body and often make you look boxy and as if your torso disappeared. Instead go for a curved silhouette so that the shirt appears more tailored to your body. I then paired the top with a medium wash pair of denim from Agave to give the entire look a cool monochromatic blues feel. Remember, don’t buy any more squared bottom wovens…you’ll instantly feel the diference!