Time Check


I am about to introduce you to a company that you are going to fall in love with.  I’m warning you now, please do not hold me personally responsible when you find yourself returning to their website on a weekly basis. Please do not hold me personally responsible when one minute you find the “cart” full of several different models of watches that you like and in the next minute are receiving a “Thank You For Your Order” confirmation e-mail.  Please, just prepare yourself for what’s about to come.

MVMT Watches is a company I have discovered that I could not be more excited to share with you. Not being one to wear watches often (as I am extremely picky when it comes to wristwear), the minimalism and timeless look of this watch instantly drew me in. Certain fashion items I will splurge on, like a great pair of shoes for example, but others I have a harder time doing so with. For me, I believe there are many beautiful high-quality watches out there so it isn’t necessary to buy one that breaks the bank, and that is just what MVMT believes. This Chrono/Lunar Gold Watch is $140.00 and is truly one of the most beautiful pieces I have seen. The gold stainless steel band and white dial make this watch the perfect choice for dressing up your look for work, special occasions or all of those holiday parties you are attending. ?

Check out this watch on the MVMT website here. Wishing you a very happy holiday season!