'Tis The Season For Flannels


Textured sweaters and flannel shirts are two items, that when paired together, create a perfectly cozy winter look. While there are many ways to wear a flannel (un-buttoned with a v-neck tee, under a puffer vest, wrapped around your waist, etc), one of my favorite ways is dressing up the shirt by using it as a layering piece underneath a fitted sweater.For this look, I paired a burgundy and green flannel (perfect for the holiday season) with a speckled charcoal sweater and dark denim. When I use a v-neck sweater as a layering piece, I generally like to make sure the fabric is thin to create a fitted silhouette. This also allows pops of detail from your inside layering piece to show in areas such as your wrists (perfect for cuffing) and torso. Throw your favorite brown leather boots on to polish off the look and you are ready to hit all of your parties this season! Get the look: