Tommy Vs. Short Shorts


Short shorts.A somewhat new concept to me when referring to bathing suits. I have always thought that the most comfortable length of a bathing suit is when the short hits mid-thigh. However, it was time to try something new for my trip to Hawaii. After all, fashion is meant to be experimental and if you always stay in your comfort zone, then you aren’t fully experiencing all the different trends. 

I knew I wanted a shorter fit, but not quite as short as a brief. This bright blue trunk from Baleaf seemed like the perfect fit. The bright color was suiting for the tropical Hawaiian weather and the length allowed the sun (with SPF of course!) to hit more skin, creating a much more even tan. I have to say this bathing suit won me over. I stared at it in my suitcase, wondering if I should or shouldn’t put it on. Self consciousness set in…would people think I look ridiculous in my tiny shorts? Well, it was worth the risk! The material is really soft and flexible, not leaving me feeling uncomfortable. They are also made for an active lifestyle, so if you plan on doing several water activities on your beach get-aways, these are ideal for you! The string details give the bathing suit an extra pop and I loved it so much that I ended up grabbing two other colors!

Check out the line here and remember, it’s okay to go outside your comfort zone sometimes!

Now it’s back to NYC weather, but luckily its still in the 50’s and 60’s?