Varsity Jacket


Looking outside this morning, the dark city sky and misty rain made it unappealing to leave our cozy apartment. However, weekends don't roll around nearly enough so it was time to take advantage of the day. I decided to throw on this varsity jacket from Zara which happens to be one of my favorite pieces of outerwear because I love the vintage throwback feel to it. I paired the coat with a very simple, white, thinly striped tee from Alternative Apparel because the focal point of the look is the statement jacket. A colorful or boldly patterned tee would detract from the coat and look a bit too "busy." Brown chinos were the perfect pant to throw with the outfit to contrast with the denim jacket. I also have to admit, I am a sucker for a good beanie. The one I am wearing is completely old school, from my high school days when I worked at Abercrombie but has been very good to me over the years. ? I love throwing beanies on all throughout the fall and winter because they keep you warm and add a nice touch to your outfit. Plus, you can easily cover up your bed head and no one would know the difference. ? Happy Fall!