Vintage/Retro Tees


The heat has officially arrived in New York City! Gone are the heavy layers consisting of sweaters, wovens, and henleys and in are the clothes that keep you cool: tees and shorts. Yes, colder months allow for more fashion options for men (because you can wear more pieces of clothing at once). But that doesn’t mean you can’t create memorable summer looks.

This summer I am all about the vintage tee and colored shorts. Vintage tees are a cool way to add a non-mainstream graphic onto your clothing thats both impactful and a great conversational piece. It suddenly gives life to an otherwise basic tee. You can play with the colors and patterns of these tees. Plus: the best ones are made of ultra soft fabric. Find these tees at any "fast fashion" store like Urban Outfitters, H&M, Forever 21, and even Bloomingdales.I complimented my tee with a pair of bright white shorts. Instead of just sticking to denim, black, and grey shorts this summer, try experimenting with bright colors. Use the shorts to compliment your tee -- it'll tie the whole look together. In my look today, I created a red, white and blue concept that looks cohesive and clean.

Have fun this summer experimenting with colors and patterns, and trust me when I say vintage style tees will greatly expand your wardrobe options.