Wireless Headphones


Whether I’m breaking a sweat at the gym or walking around New York, I constantly have music playing in my ears. I'm usually carrying a few bags and, more often than not, the wire from my headphones gets caught, tangled, or ripped out of my ears from juggling so many things. These wireless headphones sent from August International are a great solution. The earpieces are soft and cushioned, and the headband is padded. They come in six colors - I chose the sleek, deep red. Here's what's really cool: the headphones last for ten hours before needing to be recharged (which only takes two hours to do so). Plus, they have a built-in microphone for hands-free phone use.

While wearing them, the outside world is perfectly muffled, allowing your ears to solely focus on the accentuated beats and bases emanating from those headphones. The comfort and convenience makes these a top recommendation of mine for some serious jamming! ??