Your Not-So-Average Suit


It’s event season in New York City and I am always looking for fresh new ways to wear a suit.When it comes to suiting, sometimes going away from what’s traditional creates a more memorable statement. We all have the standard navy, grey and black suits hanging in our closet, but why not mix the staples up with a variation of color?This dusty blue slim suit from Bar III immediately caught my eye. It’s a color that can be worn year-round and because the color leaves such a bold impression, you can decide whether or not to wear a tie (depending on the type of event of course). The price of this suit is just under $300 which is a phenomenal deal for the quality and construction of the pants and jacket. If I buy an off-the-rack suit, I always make sure to get it tailored to polish off the fit, but this is a suit that won’t need much work. Both maroon and sky blues have been my go-to colors for suits this fall, and I challenge you to step outside your comfort zone and find your go-to colors when experimenting this season!