Fall Swaps

Fall is the perfect time to make simple swaps to upgrade your look! Just because it’s one of the coziest seasons, doesn’t mean that you should be sacrificing style for sweatpants. Here are three simple swaps to keep you comfortable, yet stylish though the fall!



Slip your sweatpants on when you’re at home watching your favorite show, cuddled up with blankets and a good glass of wine. Consider the days of them seeing the streets done. Sweatpants are often way too wide and unflattering to your body. They’re made with heavy, thick material which creates a frumpy and disheveled look. The good news? You can be just as comfortable in a pair of chinos without looking like you just woke up. Chinos are lightweight and soft, so you aren’t sacrificing comfort, and they’re tapered throughout the leg which gives a clean, fitted silhouette. Here are a few tips to pick out the perfect chinos:

  • Wear them two inches below your belly button (right above the hip bone), which will give you a long, leaner appearance AND if you tuck a shirt in, it creates a clean, even tuck without excessive bunching of the fabric.
  • There should be one to one and a half inches of fabric on either side for tailored fit that still allows movement.
  • Length-wise they should have a half-inch to no break naturally - no tailor is needed for these types of pants.
  • The pants should gently kiss your foot or if you want to roll them up, a touch longer is okay.
  • Color is your friend! Burgundy, navy, olives, golds - play with colors that compliment the season.


Sweatshirts are often frumpy, bulky, and to be frank, just messy. They shouldn’t be part of your go-to daily look because you deserve to wear clothing that makes you feel your best. The right V-Neck sweater can be just as comfortable. If you pair a super soft fabric (like cotton or cashmere) with a button-down shirt, you instantly will look like you’re fresh out of GQ. Here is your go-to guide for picking out the best type of sweater:

  • The tip of the “V” shouldn’t pass your armpits.
  • The opening of the “V” should be just wide enough so that your shirt collar tips stay tucked in - anything wider gives a sloppy appearance.
  • Shoulder seams should line up as close as possible to the end of your shoulders (not
    passed them or it’s too big).
  • Your sleeves should lightly hug your arms throughout - loose sleeves make you look heavier than you are, and sleeves that are too tight makes it look like you shrunk your sweater.
  • The proper sleeve length hits at the bend of your wrist. Slightly pull up the sweater sleeves so that 1/4 inch of your shirt sleeve underneath is exposed.


I know it’s hard to let go of your favorite pair of running sneakers that you’ve had for years. They may even have some holes in them that remind you of years of fun while wearing them. Keep those memories safe in your closet and let’s make some new ones with your new go-to fall/winter sneaker. Leather is no longer just for your work bag, dress shoes or jacket. It’s now made as a soft and flexible casual sneaker. Here’s how to rock this type of shoe:

  • Go minimal. No crazy patterns, no crazy designs, just a clean leather sneaker. This will allow it to be a great day-to-night transition piece.
  • Stick to low-top vs. high top sneakers to achieve a dressier look.
  • Look for a round-toe vs. pointed-toe. This is a cooler, trendier look, and a round-toe is a more modern way to wear any shoe.
  • Start with the basics: brown, black, white - there are lots of dyed leathers you can play with (like my blue pair below) but start with the basics that go with everything to introduce this style into your wardrobe.
  • BONUS: Wear fun socks (argyle, polka dot, festive leaves) so that if you kick off your sneakers at some point during the upcoming holidays, you still look styling!

Dress Sneakers

 *This post is sponsored by Zappos


Around this time of year, I start getting excited for the change of seasons mainly for one reason: fall fashion. As much as I love the summertime, I equally love the fresh, new style that Autumn brings. In fact, I’m guilty of ordering shoes mid-summer in anticipation for September. And I love playing with footwear. So what’s a trend I’m excited to rock this fall? Pairing a dress sneaker with a more formal outfit is top of the list. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the look of crisp Oxford dress shoes or Chelsea boots, but I also love that just by simply pairing a dress sneaker with a formal outfit, you instantly have an effortlessly cool look.


When I saw this black leather sneaker from Rockport on Zappos.com, I knew I had to snatch it up. I love how the Oxford-inspired pattern gives the shoe a formal look, while the white sole keeps it playful and fresh. The shoe is a limited edition style to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the DressSports Collection and it does not disappoint. They’re extremely flexible, which is great for running around the city in, and even are made with truTECH, a comfortable technology system that adds long-lasting cushioning in the heel all day long. There is an anti-friction performance lining in the shoes which reduces heat inside the shoe for a cool, more comfortable shoe experience, and the heel is designed to provide additional support. I was surprised to find out that this style, Rockport Dressports, were the first type of shoes created with this type of athletic technology, dating back to 1983. As someone constantly on the go, I truly value footwear that looks good, but also keeps my feet supported all day long.


I’m always on the hunt for great footwear, especially shoes that don’t break the bank. Zappos never fails in helping me find exactly what I’m looking for. They have free shipping and a 365-day return policy which is hard to come by these days. Being someone who constantly likes to switch up my style, Zappos couldn’t be more helpful in helping me do just that (or fueling my footwear addiction). Whether I pair these Rockport DressSports with chinos, wool pants, or even a suit, I’m excited to experiment with this new trend all season long. Just remember - go for a leather sneaker because it keeps your outfit in the “dressy” category. I look forward to seeing your dress sneaker style this fall. 😊


Eyes Up

*This post was sponsored by Zenni.

Two years ago, I started getting pounding headaches every week. I had no idea what was causing them until I went to the eye doctor for an exam. I found out that while my vision is healthy, my eyes often have trouble focusing which causes constant strain throughout the day. It was time to get my first prescription which, to be honest, wasn’t something I was super excited about. Then I started looking at all the different types of glasses, and my annoyance for needing them turned into excitement because I realized that this opens up a whole new world of stylish possibilities!


I like to switch up the style of my glasses depending on what I am wearing, but I don’t like to spend a ton of money on them. I am known to misplace my glasses, sit on them, stretch them, or somehow break them, so it’s important for me to find companies that create stylish glasses at an affordable price. You know I don’t work with companies I don’t support. That’s why I’m psyched about Zenni. It provides high-quality prescription glasses (and sunglasses) for both men and women. They have one of the largest selections online of glasses that I have ever seen, with hundreds of styles to choose from. You can even upload your photo and virtually try on glasses to see how well they fit your face!


I was shocked to see the price points. The glasses range anywhere between $10 to $45 with the option to add on special features. I chose a circular tortoise shell frame and added on the UV blue blockers which prevents eye strain when you’re looking at your computer and phone screens all day. I also added the anti-reflection coating, along with the oil and fingerprint resistant coatings. For free, the glasses came with an anti-scratch coating and UV protection. It’s so cool that when you check out online, you have several different options like these to add to your glasses. Even with all of these features, the glasses were still less than $50, and when I received them, I was so impressed with the quality. They’ve quickly become my go-to pair.


My days are busy from the minute I wake up to the minute I fall asleep, so I truly value companies like Zenni that let you shop from the comfort of your couch. I’ve gotten so many compliments on these glasses, and I feel confident wearing them because the quality is great. I also love that because the price point is so affordable, I can stock up and have different pairs to go with different looks. Anything that justifies more shopping when it comes to creating more stylish looks, I am more than okay with. 😉

Four Summer Pieces

Summer doesn’t mean only wearing t-shirts, shorts and sandals. Step up your summer fashion game with these four pieces that will keep your style fresh all season long.


1. Denim Jacket

This is one of my favorite pieces to wear on a cool summer day or night. Layering makes your overall look so much richer, so if there is an opportunity to throw on a light denim jacket, I take full advantage. These jackets look great with shorts and add a rugged touch to your outfit. They should be fitted and accentuate the lines of your silhouette. You want to wear this piece like you would wear a button-down shirt: tapered at the waist and fitted in the shoulders. Don’t be afraid to stray away from the classic all denim jacket. I love playing with different colors, fabrics and styles like this Varsity-inspired one!


2. Flat-Front Shorts

Ditch the cargo shorts and stock up on flat fronts. You hid your legs all winter long so it’s time to let them breath! Flat fronts are great because they’re relaxed yet slim, so you feel like you can move around in them. While cargo shorts look like you’re swimming in excessive amounts of fabric, flat fronts give you a neater appearance. They can look dressy when paired with a polo, button-down or even sports jacket, or look relaxed when paired with a tee or tank. My general rule for length? Your shorts should always hit above the knee. While I like them a little shorter (around mid-thigh), a seven or eight inch inseam should leave your shorts hitting at that above-knee sweet spot.


3. Khaki Trench

A khaki trench is one of the most classic pieces of outwear that every man should own. It’s light enough to keep you cool during warm weather while also keeping you dry from the unpredictable rain that summer brings. A longer trench pairs beautifully with a suit, while a shorter one (that hits about mid-thigh) is great for a more business casual outfit. A khaki trench will never go out of style and will add a level of sophistication to your wardrobe.


4. High-Top Sneakers

I recently began getting into high-top sneakers because they add dimension to an otherwise basic look. Sometimes I just want to throw on jeans and a tee, but adding high-tops to the outfit is an effortlessly cool way to switch up your shoe game. Make sure you choose a slim jean when wearing these sneakers so that you can create a clean, tailored cuff, and roll them two to three times to hit the perfect length on your shoes.